Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy MAGDALENAS


THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between MAGDALENAS and their members

A.  Member is at least 21 years of age.

B. Member acknowledges that MAGDALENAS is not liable for loss of personal property or injury at events. Member will be held liable for damages to property at events that is directly caused by Member, excluding damages as the result of MAGDALENAS equipment malfunctions.

C.  Member gives MAGDALENAS the right to all photos taken during event. Member acknowledges that such images will be used at the sole discretion of MAGDALENAS for website, flyers, and other promotional materials.

D. Member understands that MAGDALENAS is a peaceful environment and malicious verbiage and behavior will NOT BE TOLERATED at any time. MAGDALENAS clients are required to show performers, DJ, and security proper respect and touching is not allowed.

E. Member is required to dress in upscale attire at all MAGDALENAS events.

F. No drugs or illegal items may be brought to events. No prostitution or sexual acts of any kind are allowed at MAGDALENAS.

G. MAGDALENAS events are private and no phones or cameras of any kind are allowed in performance areas. Members found using their phone will receive one warning before being removed from event and blacklisted from future events. Member and performer information is not allowed to be disclosed by anyone outside of the event.

H. Member is aware violation of any of the aforementioned rules may be grounds for immediate removal from event and member may be blacklisted from attending future events.

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